Animal idioms (1)

Fill in the blanks using some of the following words.

Click on a word in the list and click again on the place in the text where you want to put it.
The meaning of each idiom is given in brackets.

bat bats bird birds cat cats chicken chickens crow crows dog dogs fish fishes fly flies fowl horse horses mouse mice sheep snail snails wolf wolves

  1. It’s raining and .
    (It’s raining heavily.)
  2. This way we kill two with one stone.
    (We’ll achieve two things at the same time with one action.)
  3. It’s neither nor .
    (It’s neither one thing nor another. It doesn’t fit in in either group.)
  4. When the 's away the will play.
    (People act with greater freedom or even get out of control when the person in charge is not there.)
  5. He doesn’t hurt a .
    (He’s very kind and gentle.)
  6. Things are moving at a 's pace.
    (Things are moving very slowly.)
  7. She’s as blind as a .
    (She doesn’t see well at all.)
  8. London and Liverpool are about 180 miles apart, as the flies.
    (They are about 180 miles apart, in a straight line.)
  9. For the moment I have bigger to fry.
    (I have more important things to do.)
  10. Hold your !
    (Wait a moment and calm down!)
  11. He’s a in 's clothing.
    (He seems to be friendly but is really unpleasant or dangerous.)
  12. Don’t count your before they are hatched.
    ( Don’t be too confident, because something may still go wrong.)