Listening comprehension exercise
Happy Fourth of July!

This is an ad for a British beer (Newcastle Brown Ale) on the occasion of American Independence Day (4 July).
We see English actor and stand-up comedian Stephen Merchant who jokingly muses on how much better off America would be if the country were still part of the United Kingdom.

Listen and drag the words on the right to match those on the left always taking into account the content of the ad.
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sausages two years Stephen Merchant suggests that every Fourth of July Americans fire up the grill and chew sausages.
girlfriend insults He says it's like celebrating with fireworks the break-up with your girlfriend/boyfriend every year again.
sophistication fireworks If the Americans would still talk like the British the insults would be more sophisticated.
criminals 4 July The British lawyers wear wigs in court and Stephen suggests that this inspires respect in criminals.
illness royal family British medical care is free, but there can be long waiting times for treatment. (Stephen says two years).
taxes wigs The British pay more taxes but the money is spent on important things like a royal family.
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