Trailer: Blood diamond

Blood diamond (2006) is a movie directed by Edward Zwick.

Watch the trailer and fill out the blanks.

They say it came from the heart of the
to test the hearts of men.
A so rare men will do anything
to possess it.

will be fought in search of it and all
who touch it are left with
on their hands.

■ So what are you? A ?
□ You're a journalist...

■ Are you going to his diamond?
□ The diamond is my ticket out.

The only reason you're still is because you haven't told anyone where it is.

Give it to me.

■ You gonna show us where it's .
□ You will never it, sir.

We block their .

Where is my son?

Tell him where it is! Tell him!

My family, my home.. I've everything.

Sometimes I , will God ever forgive us for what we've done to each other?
Then I realize: God left this place a long time ago.

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