Trailer: Cashback

Cashback (2006) is a movie directed by Sean Ellis.

Watch the trailer and fill out the blanks.

This is the haunting period, a time when the demons of regret come for you.
It like all the oxygen had been
from the room. I just couldn’t fall asleep any more.

I suddenly I had eight extra hours.
My life had been by a third, more time to think about Suzy.

It was getting obvious that I to trade some of my time.
I give them my extra eight hours...
Welcome aboard!
...and they give me money: cashback.

I that all the people working here, had perfected their own,
individual art. Take Sharon Pinton. Sharon knows rule number one.
The clock is the enemy.
Bary and Matt are good friends. Between them, they had up with a very different way of dealing with the trade of their time.

I hadn’t in two weeks. I between imagination and reality.
I imagine the remote control for life has been paused.

■ I’ve always wanted to be a painter, maybe, have my work in a gallery one day.
□ I’ve always wanted to meet a painter.
■ Why?
□ It might be something to do with their ability to see beauty in everything.

You just have to see that it is wrapped in beauty and . away between the seconds of your life.
If you don’t stop for a minute, you might miss it.