Trailer: Girl with a pearl earring

Girl with a pearl earring (2003) is a movie directed by Peter Webber.

Watch the trailer and fill out the blanks.

in all your work and do not slack,
or it will be the worse for you. Get back to work.

Coppers, boiler, sand and .
You’ll get used to it.

Good morning, madam.
Don’t speak till you’re to.
Yes, madam.

Go in. Disturb nothing. all just as it is.

I'm sorry, sir.
Shh... Stay.

Your master is a fine painter, Griet.
Look at that . You can almost the satin.

He had a vision.

Look at the . What colour are they?

No one as clearly as she.

Yellow, blue and grey.

Master Van Ruijven, your name will surely be famed as one of the great patrons.

I want something I can rest my on.

How hard is it to a pretty girl?

Can I have her?

Sir, do not this of me.

In a house where everyone had their place...

Tomorrow morning.
I have work.
a way.

Where every image had meaning...

Take off your .

...he gave her the power to see the light.

Don't get caught up in his .
I would never give in to Master Van Ruijven.
I wasn't about Van Ruijven.

She gave him a look that would for ever.

Open your .

I hear you have been of great use to your master. All that grinding and stirring, eh?

She's . Always sneaking around. Shirking her work.

Now lick your .

Tell me how you get on up there. Do you move him? Do you inspire him?

Lions Gate Films presents: Colin Firth, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Wilkinson in the mystery behind the .
Girl with a pearl earring.

You looked inside me.

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