Trailer: Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum (2005) is a movie directed by Niall Johnson.

Watch the trailer and fill out the blanks.

Very nice to see you.
The reverend Walter Goodfellow is a man with much on his .
God? Yes, Walter...

He is the husband to a wife.
For God's sake!
Grip the shaft.... into the ball...

The father...
... to a carefree daughter.
Was that a brassière over Holly's shoulder this morning?
They call it nowadays.

And he has a son...
to pick up Petey, won't you?
... who needs a helping hand.
I'm sorry!

Now their lives are about to change...
A perfect home for a perfect family.
... thanks to a new housekeeper...
What do you think is in it?
A lifetime of ...
whose methods...
He's a little fellow, isn't he?
Your dog me.
... always get results.
I thought you a lie-in...

Take this off!
I'm late for work already.
When temptation is hard to ...
I'm gonna my way up slowly all the way to your little...
That sounds lovely.

When turning a isn't enough...
I see you wife. I'm her golf pro.
Have you thought about sex?
Comely is thy mouth...

All you need...
Lynn? Again?
I'd so like to meet her.
... is a little grace.
Now that's mysterious.

A women they call the trunk .
Oh my God! There she is...
Shall I put the on?

What's in it?
Gloria, dear?
Would you like to come up from under the bed?

You can't go around people just because you don't approve of them.
That's what my doctors used to say. It's the one point we could never on.

Oh my God. What's that?
You don't think this is hot?

That's quite , Mrs. Parker.
Keeping Mum
This has nothing to do with anything else.
Is she...?
Yes, I believe she is.

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