Trailer: The Martian

The Martian (2015) is a movie directed by Ridley Scott.

Watch the trailer and fill out the blanks.

I you that at some point everything is gonna go south on you.


And you’re gonna say, this is it.

Watch out! Watney!

This is how I end.

Commander, Mark is .

We have to go, now!

Now, you can either accept that... or you can get to work.

This will come as quite a shock to my mates... And to NASA... And to the entire world...
But I’m still . Surprise!

Here’s the rub. It’s gonna be four years for another mission to me.
And I’m in a Hab designed to 31 days.
So I got to make water and food on a planet where nothing grows.
But if I can out a way to make contact with NASA then none of this anyway.

We've got an incoming message.
Mein Gott
Mark Watney is still alive.

In your face, Neil Armstrong.

Okay, so let's do the math. I have enough food to last for 50 days.

He's going to to death long before we can help.

So, I'm gonna have to science the out of this.

He's 50 million miles away from home. He's totally . What the hell is he thinking right now?

I am the greatest botanist on this planet.

□ I know how to save Mark Watney.
■ But we need the Hermes crew.
○ We either have a high chance of killing one...or a low chance of killing six.

● I'm not their lives. It's bigger than one person.
○ No, it's not.

■ NASA the mission.
□ So, if we do this?
◊ We're talking of . If anything goes wrong, we die.

■ Do you realize how crazy this is?
□ We have no other options.

No matter what , tell the world, tell my family that I never stopped fighting to make it home.

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