Trailer: The secret life of Walter Mitty

The secret life of Walter Mitty (2013) is a movie directed by Ben Stiller.

Watch the trailer and fill out the blanks.

○ Hi, how can I help you today?
■ Hi, I can't seem to leave a wink for someone.
○ Okay, I'm looking at your profile...
You left a lot of this stuff .
■ Well, I haven't really been noteworthy or mentionable.
○ Have you done
noteworthy or mentionable?

We have ahead of us, the privilege of publishing the very last of Life magazine. And, for the final we just received negative 25 from Sean O'Connell for the .

■ Where’s 25?
● It’s not there.
■ I know.

○ Look what I found!

● What’s that?
■ A journal dad gave me.

□ Hey!
■ Hey!
□ How was your weekend?
● I had an weekend.

■ The ice, yes, she moves like a woman.
□ I'd like to climb your .

● What is it you call it, when he goes into one of his little places?
○ Zoned out.
● You do that now and .

□ What’s the ?
■ I lost a picture.
□ I like mysteries.
You should go, the case!

You were Sean’s partner. You finish his work.

■ Where do we ?
● We don’t!

■ There’s a fin here!
● You are safe!
That's a !
■ That’s what I said!

□ Life is about and going into the unknown.

○ Hey, man, where are you, now?
■ Himalayas. I'm gonna keep this . I have to make oxygen choices.