Trailer: The mission

The mission (1986) is a movie directed by Roland Joffé.

Watch the trailer and fill out the blanks.

Little in this world unfolds as we .
Indeed, how could the Indians have supposed that the
of this unsung priest would bring among them a man whose life
was to become inextricably intertwined with their own.

■ Tell them. They must the mission.
□ They say it was the will of God that they came out of the jungle
and the mission.
They don't understand why God has his mind.

□ You should have never become a priest!
■ But I am a priest and they me!
□ If you with blood on your hands you everything we've done.
If might is right, then love has no place in the world.

A man of war... a man of ...
A land of timeless beauty... An age of ...
The of heaven... the way of the world....
The lives in the .

Now, from the director of The killing fields comes this year's winner of the best picture award at the Cannes film festival: The mission.

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